I recently had a guy tell me about the suicide death of his dear friend. He talked of the loss and helplessness he felt but most of all of the sadness – The awful feeling of waking up each morning and realising you wont hear from him. I soon explained that what he was feeling was grief and it is very normal, horrified he said “no way! i’m just down.” But the reality is, grief is the word we use to describe what we feel and what we do after the loss of someone or something that is very important to us.

We talked about what we can do to help ourselves feel better. We came up with four things:

1: Talk to someone

2: Do more exercise

3: Do something that makes you feel good

4: Try to get a good sleep

Of course these don’t take away the pain, sadness, crying, numbness, confusion and at times relief that we feel, But we both agreed it’s better then doing nothing. It’s a slow process- and there are times when we both want to give up. But we are certain of the everlasting hope we have in Jesus, our solid rock on sinking sand.

For Crisis Support: 131114   or

Praise God for his provision!


One thought on “Grief

  1. thelongroadtraveled

    Having lost a dear friend to suicide myself it is a long road but it does get easier! God bless you both

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