Growing in maturity

I’ve been reading this brilliant book while we have been away. It’s called “Grow Yourself Up” by Jenny Brown who works on the concept of ‘Family Systems Unit’. While reading it has been challenging as it encourages you to look at the areas in your life that you are lacking maturity, it has also been wonderful! There was a section on depression called ‘function rather then fix’ which I found really helpful, I thought I’d share what it said.

1: what are the little things that keep you responsible for yourself?
If might be as simple as feeding yourself 3 good meals each day and getting up before 9am. Make sure you keep doing this.
2: Be a person not a patient.
Don’t let others take over simple responsibilities, be involved with your doctor!
3: Keep in contact
The focus isn’t taking small realistic steps but to be more of a self.

Don’t give up managing yourself to the best if your ability. The more you fall in to patient roll the more dependent you are on others the more helpless you feel.

I highly recommend this book! Jenny is a Christian women so this book is written from a Christian perspective and so unbelievably helpful! If you can’t find the book, message me and I’ll send you a copy!


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