A real problem

J.B. Phillips, the bible translator, had a severe mental breakdown. When asked to describe how he felt, one of the aspects of his depression that he identified was what he called “agony by comparison”. He found it almost unbearable to remember good times in the past because those memories only reminded him how miserable he was by contrast in the present.
This has been wonderful to read and be reminded of over the past few days. Depression is a real thing that does effect Christians!
How great is the hope of heaven!
“He will wipe every yet from their eyes, there will be no more death, crying morning or pain” – Rev 21:4


3 thoughts on “A real problem

  1. speakpeacealways

    It is good to know and hold on to the truth that God loves us in spite of the battles we fight, and that no matter how strong the battle is and how weak we grow, God never lets go of us.

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