A Helpful Reminder

“So do not let what you regard as good be spoken of as evil” Romans 14:16

We looked at this in church on Sunday. What a helpful reminder this is!

I was reflecting on how often i do let what i regard as good and pleasing to God be spoken of as evil. I think there are two reasons i do this.

1: Its easier, its so much easier to not have the fight. It’s easier to not say anything and, if I’m honest just to keep it as a mental note for when i need to compare myself to them. Which then highlights a massive problem with contentment on my part! – Still working on that!

2: You save face if you don’t say anything. If you say something people will screw up their nose at you.

These two reasons show my sinfulness loud and clear. My struggle with constantly needing to compare myself, is not only unhelpful for me but also not pleasing in the sight if God. My unwillingness to stick up for what i know is right and good for fear of others criticism shows my insecurity in who Christ has made me to be.

My prayer is, as Christ continues to work in me, i am ever shaped to be more like him.

Do you struggle with this too? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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