You burnt your pants off??

Our family is full of funny dramas. I have decided i will start a category on here of Family stories – and trust me we have hundreds!

I guess we can start at the beginning. I have a brother, he is 7 years younger then me, disabled & his name is Archie. All my stories involve him! My sister and i just aren’t that funny or interesting.

When he was probably 4 we were driving home from lunch. Archie fell asleep in the car, and when we got home we parked in back yard unrolled the windows and let him stay asleep. About half an hour later from the back door mum saw Archie move, she assumed he would get out of the car and come in. However this was far from Archie’s plan. Minutes later we were running out of the house to the screams of Archie. Upon arriving at the car Archie’s little innocent eyes looked up at us. To our shock Archie’s pants had been completely burt off. We kept matches in the glove box (to this day i’m still not sure why). But Archie in all his 4 year old wisdom had climbed into the front, taken out the matches and burt his pants off. God in his kindness looked after Archie that day.

This is just one of the many funny family stories that we have! 🙂

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