Grief – Let me be sad!

The shock of Lizzy dying is starting to move and the deep sadness begins to take it’s place.

Lots of people are inviting me to do things to ‘take my mind off it’. I really appreciate it but it makes me furious! Haven’t they heard of grief!? I’m allowed to be sad, let me be sad!

I’m working on doing then little things that keep me functioning each day like, getting up before 9am, eating 3 meals a day, showering. Hey!, today i even went driving!

Tomorrow we are going to a new church because Dad is speaking down their. Our family- (and so many others!) are still wrapped with grief but you can’t put life on hold forever. Like i said in my previous post, I am SO thankful for a God who comforts us, the promise of heaven and the assurance that he will look after his people, just like he has done since the beginning of time.

If you are the praying type, please keep praying for this family who lost their little Girl. Thank God for them and pray for them in their grief. Because our God is a mighty God.


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