I’m angry…at God?

Often when I tell people that we are going away for a holiday they smile and say ‘oh that will be so relaxing for you’. Until yesterday, I had never really thought about it. But after a stressful, emotional and challenging day with my dear little disabled brother, I’ve decided, I hate holidays!

Little things like the changing home, bed, time, food and routine can completely throw Archie out. Things that we would otherwise find really relaxing we now find exhausting and stressful. As I sat on the beach today trying to discipline a disobedient, tired, nine year old, I found myself getting angry at God.
Why would God give us Archie? And once he gave us Archie, why can’t he let us have a relaxing holiday? Surely we deserve it – we’ve had 9 years of heartache and pain.
But, God in his kindness, once again reminded me of his great plan. I’m reminded again of Gods design for Archie. As Psalms says- Archie is knit together, fearfully and wonderfully, Perfectly designed in the image of God. We have no ‘right’ to a relaxing holiday. Instead our duty is to raise Archie with the knowledge of Gods love, pray earnestly for him and above all rely on our gracious and sovereign God.

One thought on “I’m angry…at God?

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