Love in hard places and the hope that binds

As i think back over the last nine years, i can see many times when love has been hard. As i’m sure you can imagine, loving Archie on the ‘bad days’ has been extremely hard – and i must admit, i’m not great at it! I seem to spend more time worrying over who will look after him when Mum and Dad die then being thankful that he is here today!

We recently had a holiday that while relaxing was also challenging as Archie dealt with changing locations/beds etc..  you can read of its difficultly here. In some ‘down time’ I read a book called ‘Take heart, for families living with disability.’ I hadn’t intended to read it but i’m so thankful i did!

One mothers story reflected my worries and concerns almost exactly. She said ‘So as we go through all the questioning and heartache about who will look after Alison when we are no longer capable of doing so, and knowing that we must act responsibly in the meantime, our loving, all powerful heavenly father has the situation in his hand, for his honour and glory and the benefit of his people.”

This was such comfort to read! It was encouraging to know that someone else has the same anxieties as i do. And even better, to be reminded of God’s hand in it all.

While love is hard the hope of Jesus that binds us together is far greater!

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