The insecurity of ministry

I had often wondered what provokes men and women to give up their time, money, job and financial stability to enter four exhausting years of tough ministry. Training for a job (ministry), which, in the end, pays very little money, and at times is extremely demoralising. 

Why would anyone optionally put themselves through that? The stress of no income, changing locations (often to small squishy houses), changing churches, making new friends and four years of study, is not my idea of a fun four years! And not only that! But at the end, you are entrusted to a group of people who, you will ultimately experience the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of life with. You’re responsible for encouragement and commitment to them – What a responsibility! 

I was talking to Dad about this last year, and his response was one i will never forget. He too was very anxious before giving up his job as a chemical engineer and entering full time ministry. It was this verse that brought him great comfort.

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?’ – Matthew 6:26 

If our heavenly father feeds the sparrows of the air, how much more will he look after his children as they faithfully proclaim his word? 

The reason these faithful men and women give up their jobs, financial security, money and time to enter a crazy, exhausting, and at times very frustrating four years of study, is very simple.

They understand what Christ has done for them. And they are so convicted of this, that they see and understand how important the proclamation of the gospel is! 

So thank God for our faithful ministers. Thank God for their sacrifice. And above all, thank God that through everything, we know that he will provide of his children. And we know this because he continually provides for the sparrows of the air, and we are of far more value. 

One thought on “The insecurity of ministry

  1. penny w

    the thing we always gotta remember is that the manna from heaven only came on a daily basis – i gotta keep praying for God dependence to do it everyday least i become human dependent again on my own strength and than the job will become too much for any minister!
    or worse they get some defect of character out and use that to do their job
    so yeah lets pray for our ministers every day – every one of them

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