Day 7 – Blogging every day in June

Once again… I’m sorry i’m so behind! Ive been away this weekend and sick last night & today. June seems to be my month of sickness!

Saturdays prompter was “My saddest memory”

I guess my saddest memory is a more recent one which spanned over a week and a half.

One sunday earlier this year Mum rushed back in the door after leaving for church only 10 minutes earlier. Tears streaming down her face, she explained that my otherwise very fit, loving aunty had a massive stroke and Dad would preach at church and then fly up to the Gold Coast where she was now unconscious in hospital.

It was awful, the uncertainly of what would happen was excruciating. However, there was a sense of great calm as we waited for Dad to arrive and ring to fill us in. About and hour after he arrived we got a phone call telling us we all had to fly up.

My stress levels went through the roof. An anxious person normally, this was 1000 times worse. The constant fear of “Would we make it in time” kept running through my head.

Sure enough we arrived. We traveled up the lift and walked down the white, bare corridors. We cried and we said goodbye. Zoe and i sat on the floor of her room wrapped in hospital blankets for what felt like hours upon hours, refusing to leave her side. The next day (Monday), we travelled back to her little house an hour away and Dad and his other sister stayed by her side.

On tuesday morning at 4:45am, we got a text from Dad.

“Our Helen is tough but frail and tired, humanity has finally succumbed. Chicky has gone on Greek national day” 

The week following Helens death was terrible. Absolutely, excruciatingly sad…

We got some lovely last photos with her…


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