Day 8 – Blogging every day in June

Todays prompter from Sammi’s “Blog every day in June” is “share a photo from every day in a typical week” 

I guess i should have been more organised and read ahead but of course, typical me… i didn’t. So i’ll write what i do and hopefully you’ll get the idea.

I actually have a very boring life!

Monday’s are an early start. I have a meeting at 7:45am and then normal school until 3:15. I come home, do work, have dinner and then go off to tutoring from 8:30-9:30pm.

Tuesday’s are a bit more relaxed. I take Archie to school, then go off to school myself before meeting up with a year 10 girl in the afternoon to read the bible and pray.

Wednesday’s are another early start. I have uniform duty at school form 7:45-8:30am and then lead my year 9 girls christian group at lunch

Thursday’s start even earlier with a morning meeting at 7:30am followed by coffee with one of the girls in younger years.

Friday’s are more civilised. I start school at 8:30am and the have a christian group at lunch with the year 12’s. In the afternoon i have youth group from 6-8:30. By this time, i’m exhausted!

Saturday’s don’t really have a structure. Whatever happens is fine.

Sunday’s i do work in the morning. Sometimes we’ll have people over for lunch followed by church from 5-8ish.


Like i said… very boring life

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