Am I the worst blogger? Yes!

Am I the worst blogger ever? Yes!

The last time i blogged from Sammi’s blogging every day in June was the 16th June… Its now the 23ed…

I am hoples at this! Sammi’s prompter today is ‘A review of…’ – I’ll do a review of how hopeless I am at blogging everyday! 🙂

A number of things have happened this week.

1: My Aunty’s house sold 😦

2: Death – Death sucks – especially when its unexpected

3: 18th birthday parties – they are fun.

4: Glebe Markets – I don’t think i’m indie enough to fit in there but they were awesome! My aunty had a stall called “Rwaps for Rwanda” which raises money to send over to Rwanda to support the Fruits of Hope academy.

5: I had a disaster driving lesson which consisted of running right over the top of a round-about… enough said…

And this week is just as busy!

1: I’m meeting up with old friends who i’ve neglected because of the crazy schedule of the HSC

2: I have some holiday classes

3: The Spire Market is on Saturday

4: A holiday down the coast

5: And some appointments…

We’ll thats all for now … I’ll be back tomorrow with the next one of Sammi’s prompters “Fess up! Tell us something no one knows…”

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