Day 27 – Blogging every day in June

Todays prompter form Sammi’s blog is “My favourite blogs…”

Like Bec, I have a number of blogs I like. They are my friends. It’s how i know whats going on in their lives and pray for them. People like Bec and Sammi  – They are lovely blogs.

Lots of people who read Bec’s blog and mine say we are very much alike… what an honour 🙂

Chrisy was my leader on a camp I went on years ago. She has a very cute blog called ‘house of Mrs Wong.’ I love reading her blog. She always takes the most beautiful photos and is so creative!

The only blog I read, written by someone I don’t know is by a man called Danny Tanner – he is a man in America who lost his wife to cancer and has 3 girls. He wrote a book about it called ‘Laughter, Tears and Braids.’ I read it as we travelled around Europe. It made me laugh in Italy and at the same time absolutely ball my eyes out in Berlin. I went through the emotions with him. It is such an easy read and so wonderfully written. It could possibly be my favourite book…

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