Day 29- Blogging every day in June

Today’s prompter form Sammi’s blog is “Best vacation ever!!!’

I really had to think about this. If you had of asked me last year, I would have said my Europe trip. But, since my Aunt has died, i’m more inclined to say Ballina holidays every year a christmas. They were never extraordinary, infact, they were very basic. But the memories made them wonderful.

In terms of experiences, I would have to say our Europe trip.  This trip also had some memories… like waiting 3 hours at Rome airport customs. Three A380’s landed at the same time. One from America, one from London and us from Australia. Rome airport had only opened 1 customs gate. So several thousand people squished into a little area waiting to be let through…

Several things were said by grumpy tourists from around the world in those three hours, some of which I could never repeat. The most common being “Get some more gates” “Get some more people” and “My wife has fainted, my wife is on the floor!” That wasn’t the best way to start our three week Europe trip. But we had a ball… and some of the most awful things at the time, we now look back on and laugh.


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