Boundaries – as a ministers daughter #2

It’s been almost a year since I wrote “Boundaries as a ministers daughter.”

And as I read back over it tonight, I could see the change that had occurred over the last year.

Last year I really struggled with where to draw the line between family life and ministry. I think I found it really difficult because a lot of ministry is done in your home. Meetings are had, bible study happens, prayer groups join together and meals are shared. It was wonderful, but, it was busy – and I found that really hard.

But i’ve changed how I look at ministry now. My parents continue to model a servant hearted life throughout the chaos of ministry while negotiating our fun but busy family, and i’ve found that really helpful.

I love hearing the women in Mum’s bible study group laugh and pray together. I love hearing dad explain the gospel and seeing people’s lives transformed as a result. I love the excitement of hearing conferences being planned that faithfully teach the bible. And I love sharing meals with people as we spur each other on until Jesus’ return.

What an answer to prayer – what a testament to how God works to change our hard hearts.

2 thoughts on “Boundaries – as a ministers daughter #2

  1. Mary

    You’ve given me a great look into how my sons must have felt as they watched my husband and me minister from our home. Like you, I’m certain they were overwhelmed at times. Now that they are both grown, they seem to appreciate this part of their lives. Thank you for sharing this! God has been good, to you, to my sons and to us all!

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