Missing fingers, no choking and abundant generosity – Thankful

It’s been a fun but crazy few weeks.

Last week A.J managed to chop his finger off with and axe. A quick trip to A&E, in and out of theatre and a visit to the plastics team fixed that in less then 7 hours! – God has abundantly blessed us with good health care!

We haven’t had a choking incident in over a month. I’d say thats a record! Again, God has been very generous in his provision of us.

We’ve been overwhelmed by peoples generosity lately. Cards of good wishes for the HSC, Invites to lunches and dinners and general pop-in’s have been really lovely and kept us all sane!

Today, Mum and Dad were out when a woman knocked on our door with slice.  She came in, had a cup of tea, asked how the family was going, prayed with me, then left. Unfortunately, I had no idea who she was, but it was lovely all the same! – The perks of ministry hey!

So much to thank God for these last few weeks.

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