Camping day 3

What a day we’ve had!
This morning Ben woke up early to make us pancakes then fixed the tarp again and again and again…
Once we were full of pancakes we went walking on the Jibbon loop trail. It included a beach walk, a bush walk and cliff side venturing. Alex and I explored the rock pools while Ben admired the sandstone. ( we laughed at the time- but we must admit it was pretty cool!)



The water was so wonderfully clear


Along the walk were some ancient aboriginal carvings. The area is really well set up for tourists and the carvings were surprisingly pretty clear.


We came back to have lunch and chilled out a bit. – we’re trying to avoid peak UV rays so we have relax time in the middle of the day.

In the afternoon we went DIY fishing. We used hooks we brought for $2.60 from the servo and used nuts from the ground as sinkers with our stale bread as bait.
We didn’t have much luck until the end where I caught 2 fish.



When we came back.. Guess what? Ben had to fix the tarp AGAIN!

Tonight we went out to the pub for dinner and now we’re sitting at the table, eating magnums, overlooking the water and watching the kookaburra catch flys at our feet.
Such a lovely day.


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