Camping day 4

The kookaburra ate breakfast with us this morning. He sat 2 meters away as we ate our bacon and eggs.

We walked the Walumarra track into a temperate rainforest. (Who knew the national park had a rainforest!!) it was really beautiful.


We then drove to Garie Bay where we walked along the sand and ventured to governors game lookout. It is at the very top of the mountain and has amazing views of the whole area.




We walked back to the car where we then drove to Wattamolla. It was so unbelievably beautiful. We watched people cliff jump for a while then walked back along the water fall.



In the afternoon we tried our luck at fishing again (with our home made rods but real bait this time!) I caught 3 tiny fish. Alex fished for ages and had some huge fish bite her line but none of them got the hook. 😦 Ben worked on his home made stick rod. We gave up and hour and a half later and come back.



It’s been a lovely day. Tomorrow we’ll go back to Wattamolla again but this time to swim and maybe go kayaking.

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