Last San in San Francisco

We had a great day yesterday.
In the morning we caught a taxi to the top Lombard street (the windiest road in the world.) The views from the top are amazing.


We then caught the taxi to coit tower. The paintings in the tower were done by men who were unemployed during the depression. The government employed them to paint. The paintings are awesome


We caught the lift to the top where we could see views of the whole city. The lift operator told us we should go and catch the ferry to Sausalito so we walked down to the wharf. On the way down we stopped in at a hotel that has the worlds biggest ‘Christmas tree.’ It was 17 floors high!


We caught the ferry to Sausalito.


We had planned to only stay for 50minutes however, we missed the bus so we had to wait another hour. On the way home we froze our butts off across the Golden Gate Bridge.


We walked down to see the sea lions at Pier 39 and then went out for dinner.
Off to Chicago today.

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