3 Days in Chicago

We arrived in Chicago three days ago.
On the first day, we arrived so late and nothing happened so I decided not to blog that. Wednesday and Thursday I was just to tired. So here’s 3 days worth of fun in 1 blog!

On our first full day in Chicago we just took in slow. We walked to the CS Lewis museum in the morning. Here I’m standing outside the wardrobe CS Lewis got his inspiration from!


After we walked to the Billy Graham museum. Archie was so over it by this point but Dad and I loved it.


We then caught the train from Wheaton to Chicago and did some of the ‘typical tourist’ things. We went to ‘The bean’ which is a big 3D mirror in the shape of… Well a bean.
Then we walked down to Millennium Park to go ice skating. AJ made it about 3cm onto the ice before falling over and bum- shuffled his way around the rink. Mum, Zoe and I had a great time.


We walked around for a little more then headed to catch the train back to Wheaton.

On Thursday we headed back to Chicago. We caught the bus down to the water tower. The shops are pretty high end but we had lunch there. We caught the bus back downtown (See I’m even speaking like an American now!) and went shopping. We meet our student Amanda who lived with us in 2011 for coffee. It was so lovely to catch up with her.


We had dinner and went off to the Nutcracker ballet. Thankfully AJ slept through the first part of it. We arrived home at 11pm.

This morning Zoe and I were up early to head off to school with the girls we are staying with Jo and Annabel. School starts at 8am! Needless to say it was a struggle – especially for Zoe! School is SO different to Australia. I can’t believe how relaxed it is. We also joined the girls for Chapel. I couldn’t believe how many people showed up and sung! 600 kids! The chapel is completely student run. The students got a man from outside of school to come in and speak. Zoe and I are extremely thankful for the faithful bible teaching we get at our chapel services. The day was completely different to what we are used to and so fun. If we had more time we would love to have gone back. Zoe even got invited to Prom!

At Lunch Elaine (The lovely Lady we are staying with) picked us up from school with Mum, dad, AJ and her son Spencer and we all drove to Geneva. Geneva is beautiful. We went for lunch and window shopped a little.


Tonight we went to a hotel to look at Christmas lights. It was amazing the whole forest was covered in Christmas lights. We cooked s’mores on the fire there as we admired the lights.



It’s Grandpa’s birthday today (American time.) Happy Birthday Grandpa! We love you lots.

3 thoughts on “3 Days in Chicago

    1. Georgia

      Hey, the Billy Graham museum was wonderful! It is SO worth the trip out from Chicago. It has everything you could every know about Billy Graham and the generation to which he ministered. I left feeling so encouraged. At the end of the museum you even walk into “heaven!” – so lovely. Such a wonderful testament to the gospel. x

  1. bridgetthemidget

    Dear Georgia,
    Having read your BEAUTIFUL blog on AJ, I’m now going to be checking in regularly to read your wonderful blog. I had hoped that my waterproof mascara days were over when I hit my mid-forties, but your blog has proved that I have many more spontaneous tears to cry (and mascara drips to wipe off my chin!!). Thank you for your kind, kind letter. Every gracious word that you wrote to me and my family, can be said equally of you and your family. Hope that you’re having fun in NY. Know that we loved every minute with you, and please tell AJ that I missed my breakfast time and school-run buddy this morning. Please come and stay again….anytime. Elaine xx

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