We’re in New York

We arrived in New York on Monday night to find that no taxi takes more then 4 people. Needless to say, this added considerable stress to the trip. We all jumped into a limo and safely made it to our apartment.

Yesterday we got going late as we were all exhausted! We walked over the Brooklyn bridge which was freezing but an amazing way to see the city.



We then caught the subway to Grand Central Station where we met Liane, Steve, Amelie for coffee. It was a quick catch up but lovely. We walked down to the United Nations building to have lunch- we had no idea how lovely It would be! We were quickly moved through security and escorted up to the Delegate’s Dining Room. It was a amazing and catered to everyone’s allergies and picky eating.


Following lunch we walked to the Empire State Building where we were basically escorted straight to the top. Dad clinged for dear life onto the centre pole while the rest of us admired the views.



We then caught the train to Larchmont to visit Rene and Gerry for dinner. It was lovely to catch up with them. Archie ate 2 lamb shoulders. (More meat then he’s ever eaten in his life!) Rene kindly drove us home.

Today we caught the subway to visit the 9/11 museum workshop which was closed. So we headed off to the 9/11 memorial. It is beautifully yet simplistically set up. Archie got bored of walking so went to chase the diggers that were building next to the memorial.




We caught the free ferry over to Statten Island and saw the Statue of Liberty. The views are great and everyone enjoyed it.


Then we caught the subway to Macy’s. Zoe and Mum shopped for 40 minutes before we all went to FAO Schwoartz toy shop. Archie got a mini Nerf Gun ( we can go home now- the Nerf gun made his holiday!)

We came home to get my HSC results! Woohoo!
We went out for dinner to celebrate and are all home now watching cable TV which we think is pretty amazing!

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