New York

We’ve had a busy few days in New York.

On Friday we started the day by heading to the 9/11 museum workshop. We were all very impressed and I think it’s one of the best museums I’ve ever been to despite it only being the size of a small living room. They have the most artefacts of any museum on 9/11. We even saw a chunk of the plane that hit the first tower.





We also heard some chilling recordings. They had the recording of the last train that pulled into the station under 9/11. It went something along the lines of “Ladies and Gentlemen, there has been a tragedy at the World Trade Centre, I want you to leave the train, run and don’t look back”
It’s a very impressive museum and a ‘must see’ if you’re ever in New York.

Following the museum we headed down to the skyline were we froze as we walked along the train tracks and then walked down to Chelsea markets. Zoe thinks she had the best vegan sushi role ever!

We caught the train to cake boss where Zoe and Mum sampled the cakes and met the wife of Cake Boss himself!


We headed off to the MoMA. Before we got there Boo saw elmo – we took a photo not realising that you had to pay! This was one very expensive photo!


Bag check took 50 minutes at MoMA so dad and I took turns in going up so we could mind the bag.

Yesterday we started the day by heading to the Brooklyn botanical gardens. Despite it being winter we managed to find some glimmers of colour.

We then walked to the Brooklyn Museum where they had a exhibition on ‘Killer Heels.’ Judy- this is not one for you!


In the afternoon Zoe and I went to see a movie with Woulter while Mum and Dad caught up with one of mums friends from speech Gail.

Today we went on a double decker bus tour. I don’t think I have ever been so cold in my life. It was truly something else! We went for lunch then caught the subway to Kenton and Lynne Webb’s house. Old friends form Matthias. We also met up with Kylie, Caro and Kristi there. We had afternoon tea and then went to Redeemer Presbyterian where we heard Tim Keller preach.


Tonight we went to a New York Rangers Ice Hockey game. We all couldn’t believe how exciting it was!


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