This was our first Christmas with out Chicky.
We’re overseas, there’s a big time difference and we were distracted by the hustle of New York so I thought it wouldn’t feel as sad as I otherwise would have.
But it’s the little things.

We missed her Christmas phone call.

We missed not making Greek meatballs with her. Not setting up the production line and laughing over events of the year as she fired the meat.

We missed collecting the chokos from behind her garage. We missed her look of shock as we said we would put cheese sauce on them instead of lemon.

We missed her coming into the place we were staying and talking at the top of her voice.

We missed her determination to swim across Shaws Bay despite the fact that something big always touched her leg.

Christmas with our family in Ballina this year was full of excitement as our cousins got engaged. But our hearts were heavy. We long for the day when Jesus will wipe every tear from our eyes. When death will be no more.
Until then, we wait in eager expectation.

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