We’ve been to DC and now we’re in Florida. We caught a bus from New York to D.C. It was… an experience. The driver sat both Archie’s at the front of the bus. We were very thankful for this, until we realised that it meant Dad could see his extremely bad driving. Needless to say, Dad assumed the ‘brace position’ several times throughout the trip. One might say that it would have been appropriate to kiss the ground when we arrived safely. That night we didn’t do much. We went to Safeway to get supplies then we out to China
Town for dinner. It was pretty terrible service but we were thankful to have some food.

The following day we were all up early and we made our way down to the smithsonian. We walked along to see the DC point, the White House, Korean and Vietnam memorials and the Lincoln memorial.
We had lunch then went to the Space and Science museum followed by the art gallery.
We were home for dinner to have the 2ed dinner Mums cooked this whole trip. You really appreciate home cooked meals once you’ve eaten out every night for 4 weeks!
Dad thinks we walked 15km. What an achievement for AJ! He’s certainly match fit now following a slow start in San Francisco.

The following day we were up early again for a tour of the capitol. Despite our terrible guide it was really interesting but freezing! We walked to the holocaust museum followed by lunch and the American Historian museum. We saw all the First Ladies dresses (Thanks Aunty Karen for telling us about that!) I thought the best bit was the piece of rock that Governor William Bradford stood on as he made his first thanksgiving proclamation. Following this, the family went to the spy museum. I wasn’t really interested so I went to H&M. Dad was extremely thankful as it cost $100 just for the four of them to get in! We had dinner at Mums new favourite restaurant, Vapiano.

The next day we caught the plane to Miami. Boo and I sat next to a lovely christian man who told us everything we ever wanted to know about America. He wasn’t even annoyed when Archie spilt his whole bottle of Orange Juice all over him during a tantrum.
First Day in Florida. 28 degrees! A massive change from the -3 that it was when we left Washington!

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