London, Leyland & Durham

An update.
I’ve had a week in England. It’s been busy. Very busy.
My first day here was my birthday. I hadn’t wanted to make a fuss about it as I didn’t want to put people out, but Claire (who I’m staying with) went completely out of her way to make it special. She cooked me a special breakfast and then took me into the boys school. From there she pointed me in the direction of a great coffee shop and I was off. I walked for miles (literally) along bank the river. Past the London eye and onto Westminster Abbey. I toured Westminster Abbey and walked onto Buckingham Palace. I had a lovely and cheap lunch at a restaurant around the corner fromwhere I’m staying. £6 for stake, mashed potato, peas, unlimited drink refills and a creme brûlée.

Claire and the boys made a special dinner featuring Victoria style sponge cake. Feeling the love here!
Since then I’ve been up to Cambridge, punting on the cam, visited SOHO, Piccadilly, Mayfair, Whitechapel, saw the guard change at Buckingham palace, visited borough markets, the British museum and had lunch at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant (And met him!!) I’ve been down Bond street, Regent street, walked across the London bridge, I’ve been into St. John’s, went to church at St Helens, visited the Tower of London, green garden, Covent garden, Hyde park and been on the London eye.

I’ve been up north visiting other good friends for the weekend. We drove to Durham yesterday to see Jono and Ali. It was lovely. I’m doing a day of work experience at the boys school next week and the following day I’m off the Bath, Stonehenge and Copenhagen.
Busy, exciting, tired










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