One of the ‘joys’ of being a uni student is, I now have no money.

I never used to worry about money. I never had to pay for anything and everything was provided for me. I spent money as I got it and didn’t think of savings.

Oh how times have changed!

Ben is very good and saving money. He knows how to do it, and how to do it well! He doesn’t need budget planning or excel sheets. Somehow, only God knows how, he manages to keep it all in his head and still come out of each month spending less money than he earned.

Me on the other hand… oh how I wish I could do that.

Despite all my excel sheets and budgeting plan, I still can’t save money.

I blame it on the fact that it costs him $10 to get a good haircut and it costs me $130 in order for my hair to just look reasonable!

He walks to uni, but it costs me $100 in petrol each week.

But this month, oh this month.., I’ve managed to come out ahead!

I changed my Excel sheet, I limited my spending (And I even got my hair done!) It’s the little joys in life J

I didn’t buy the stupid things, or overspend on etsy. I didn’t spend money on those really cute pair of ballet flats that are really so impractical. I limited my coffee intake (Which surprisingly saves $8 per day!) AND, I brought my own drink bottle with me to Uni, which, if you know me, is amazing.

It’s amazing what you can do when you have to!

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