48 hours in Copenhagen

Earlier this year I flew to Copenhagen from London for a few days.

I managed to get cheap flights from easyJet for $50AU return.

Copenhagen isn’t a big place and very doable in 48 hours. Here are some ideas on what to do.


I stayed at the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel. It’s extremely reasonable and close to the main train station Nørreport. There is a train from the airport to the station which take 30minutes during peek time. The hostel is clean and well looked after, nothing is to much trouble for the workers and there is a lovely vibe in the pub area downstairs – Even free dinner for the first 20 people! The wifi is good, however it’s speed is varied depending on the demand at the time. The bathrooms are extremely clean and well looked after. I didn’t wait for a shower at any point despite showering during ‘peek times.’ This Copenhagen downtown hostel is highly recommended.

What to do: 

Støget St

The size of Copenhagen makes moving around easy. If you stay at the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel you can walk everywhere. Strøget St is the main shopping area. It is about 5 minutes walk from the hostel and is a pedestrian only shopping strip. It’s both affordable and manageable.


Nyhvan is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Located in central Copenhagen, Nyhvan is a ‘must see.’ Take a boat cruise through the canals and enjoy the magnificent colour of each house. With a number of resturents, Nyhvan is a great place for lunch or dinner. Keep in mind that because of it’s popularity, Nyhvan is more pricey than other parts of Copenhagen.


If you have some spare time in Copenhagen, it is worth walking around to the #HappyWall. You can create any word you want using coloured squares. A great opportunity for a picture and a good cup of coffee.

If you have any questions, ask me know in the comments below. Or contact me through the ‘contact’ page on my blog.

Enjoy Copenhagen! xx

 IMG_3176 IMG_3233IMG_3315

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