20 Facts

IMG_5315I was asked to tell you 20 facts about me. Here goes!

Here’s 20 facts about me 

1: I named my blog ‘TransformingGee’ because I was planning to blog my life transforming and growing in Gods word

2: But as time went on my blog became more of a life blog

3: I’m not good and sympathy

4: But i’m extremely practical in crisis situations.

5: I love organisation and anything that helps me stay organised

6: But I hate organising on electronic devices like iPhone calendars

7: I’m crazy about cleanliness especially in my bedroom

8: But my boyfriend doesn’t care whether his room is messy or not. Opposites attract I guess!?

9: I’d love a nose piercing but I’m worried it will look terrible!

10: I have a slightly bad obsession with Pinterest

11: And because of this, I’ve become completely obsessed with anything Nordic

12: My favourite drink is Diet Coke

13: My idea of a perfect weekend is coffee in a cute cafe while

14: Reading a book – At the moment, my favourite book is “Shoot Me First” by Grant Lock

15: I love receiving flowers. There is just something lovely about it.

16: I am absolutely terrible at maths

17: Which makes doing maths at uni painful!

18: My name isn’t Gee but everyone calls me it.

19: My idea of a perfect holiday is not doing anything. I feel relaxed when my brain turns off 🙂

20: And lastly, I love cold weather!

Let  me know a little about you too!

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