Early morning survival tips

A few days a week I have an early morning class. 7:00am early. This would be fine, if it didn’t take me an hour to get to uni and half an hour to get ready.

So here’s my survival tips for coping with those early mornings.

1: Use the app ‘Sleep cycle.’ It tells you heaps of helpful things like

  • How long you were in bed for
  • Your sleep quality
  • How much activity you did while sleeping. ie: 2000 steps etc
  • Your average time in bed
  • AND it graphs you sleep. When you’re in deep sleep, when your sleeping and when your awake
  • But best of all, it wakes you up gradually with gentle music. Over a 15 minute period my phone wakes me up. It’s lovely. And it means that I don’t wake up grumpy!

2: Organised organised organised! Pre-make your lunch. There is nothing worse then trying to find the ham in the back of the fridge when you’re half awake. Make lunch after dinner the night before. It makes such a difference to the morning.

3: Spend 2 minutes making your bed when you wake up. I find it helps me wake up and it stops me from crawling back under the sheets for those ‘5 minutes more’ that actually end up being much longer!

4: I can’t drink tea in the morning but some people can. If tea is your thing, drink it. I like a big glass of freezing cold water

5: Lastly, and most importantly 😉

Coffee coffee coffee! Even the smell of coffee puts me in a good mood. An essential part of any early morning.


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