A must read

I don’t often write about blogs I’m currently reading and enjoying. Mainly because it changes so often depending on what i’m doing or how I’m feeling. But there are a few, and only a few, that I never stop reading.

I wait on every whim of what they might write and say, They resinate so clearly with my life and are always entertaining. 

One of these blogs is EatPrayWorkout written by Amy. Coincidently, Amy actually led me on a camp years ago. And although she was amazing then, thats not how I got hooked on her blog. Amy writes a bit of everything. She’s an army wife, law graduate, cafe goer, exercise enthusiast, cook and most importantly, a lover of Jesus. She is funny but honest at the same time. She is open about her struggles but doesn’t dwell on them. 

 I always love Amy’s blog but recently she has done a series on perfectionism. Love doesn’t quite cover the feelings I have about this series! Amy is honest, she owns the struggles she had with perfectionism. She talks about making changes to help manage perfectionism, what to expect when you make these changes and even gives you a free downloadable PDF to help you curb those perfectionistic tendencies.

You need to check out Amy’s blog! Trust me, you won’t regret it!


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