The making of a church

It’s weird when you think about how many people go into running a church. 

I mean, there are the people we always think of. The preacher, the people who greet us at the door and the music team. But there are so many more.

As I looked around church last Sunday I noticed people doing all the regular things they do. I think we underestimate how important they are. 

There’s the person who unlocks the doors, who sweeps the entrance.

There’s the person who turns on the heating or cooling. Who makes sure the building is at a comfortable temperature. 

There’s the person who gets the tea and coffee ready. Who boils the jug and makes sure there’s fresh milk & clean cups. 

There’s the person who sets up the tables for morning tea or supper. Who wipes them down and packs them up at end. 

There’s the person who brings the morning tea or supper. Who cuts the fruit and bakes the cakes. 

There’s the team of people ready to greet the new comers. The hello’s and goodbyes. 

There’s the audio and powerpoint team. Who set up and pack up at the end of each service. 

There’s the people who help the mothers. Gather chairs and toys or watch their children as they get a cup of tea. 

There’s the people who are ‘on-call’ for pastoral care. The hugs and prayers in the back corner of the building. 

There’s the able helping the unable. Getting cups of tea or feeding them. 

There’s then people who count the money. Write down the gatherings and take it to the bank. 

There’s the people who clean the church. Who pick up the crushed food or dirty tissues. 

And they do it because we have a faithful God. Because they are people who live out Gods abounding grace to us by sending Jesus. They serve one another humbly in love. 


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