Laughter, tears and autism // Book Review

I find great Joy in going through Mum and Dads bookshelf. Theres always some book worth reading there. A few weeks ago, I read this. Laughter, tears and Autism by Cecily Patterson.

I picked it up and read the back, it sounded interesting and I thought it would be worth a read. 

Well I wasn’t wrong. It took me 2 days to read this book (And I’m a REALLY slow reader!) I’d read it in uni breaks, while I was cooking, anywhere I could squeeze in a sneaky read I would.

I laughed out loud, I wept (very loudly… typical!) and I went on the journey with Cecily as she went through the motions of discovering her son was Autistic and what that meant life looked like now for her family. It wasn’t until half way through the book that I realised that Dad was Cecily’s husbands teacher – Christian Connections hey! 

This book is honest, funny, real, heartbreaking, and unbelievably entertaining. Cecily has no problem pointing out her own faults and demonstrating to us the ‘not so flash’ reality of life with an Autistic child. 

You can buy her book here. You totally should, It’s so worth it! 

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