the importance of gratitude // getting ready for 2016

There’s been a revival in the idea of gratitude recently. And why wouldn’t there be?! There are so many proven benefits of practicing gratitude. 

If you’re anything like me, sitting down each day and writing about what you are thankful for seems unattainable. In the busyness of life it feels like I can’t find space to fit it in. The idea of a gratitude journal is great in  theory but I can see it sitting on my side table and collecting dust. 

Well I have a solution for you! My talented friend Bec Jee created a 2016 Everyday Gratitude Journal. It’s not just a journal that will sit on your side table and collect dust, it’s a diary as well! Bec seamlessly integrates everyday gratitude into busy everyday life. Bec knows that gratitude takes practice and she knows there are limited hours in the day, she is the owner of a number of business and so feels the weight of ‘not enough time’ often. That’s why she is the perfect person to create this diary! 

I bought a diary and I gifted some. I can’t think of anything better to give someone. 

Watch Bec talk about the benefits of practicing gratitude“>here. You can buy a diary and other things to help you practice gratitudhere.

So why not? Give it a go! 


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