Moon Acres Farm // Supporting local farmers

So often we underestimate the importance of supporting our local farmers. We think the big chains are fresher, cheaper and easier. Last week, I found out how incorrect this is!

Ben and I visited Moonacres Farm in the Southern Highlands , an organically certified farm growing fresh produce supplying the Sydney region. 

There are so many reasons to support our local farmers. Here are four of the  biggest ones. 

Locally grown produce is fresher: 

Often when you buy produce from major stores it has been cold stored for days or weeks. When you buy produce from the markets it has been picked the day before or on the day. 

Eating local means supporting local: 

When you buy from large supermarkets, on average only 18 cents of every dollar actually makes it back to the farmer. When you buy direct at markets from growers you cut out the middle man. Thus, you are investing locally.

Buying from growers guarantees you are eating to the seasons: 

Local farms don’t freeze food. Therefore, when you buy from local farmers you are guaranteed you are eating food that is in season. 

Supporting local farmers generally means less emissions, food miles and energy:

A study by CERES found that 29 commonly bought food items travelled over 70,000km. That’s nearly 2 times the distance around the earth! Buy local, it’s better for the environment. 

There are four reasons you should buy local. Here are some pictures of Moon Acres organic farm. They sell at EQ Markets Moore Park on Wednesday and Saturday. You should visit!

 IMG_6500IMG_6470IMG_6469 IMG_6466

Buy local, it’s better for the environment, better for our farmers, better for your wallets and it’s better for you! 

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