What’s in my bag?

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know i’m quite nosey. I like to see what is in peoples bags. I like to see all the little pockets, all the little things. So, to return the favour, here’s whats in mine.  

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 3.56.52 pm

Ok, I have to admit, I got rid of the dirty tissues, the endless receipts and the other crap that I had shoved in there. – For your sake as much as mine 🙂 

From left to right: 

1: Water bottle. I’m prone to headaches so this is an essential for me. 

2: Wallet: A cheapo from Target however I love it. SO many pockets! 

3: Sorbent tissues.If you’re a crier like me, this is a must! 

4: Clinique Mega Melon Chubby Stick 

5: Nutrimetics Glossy Shine Lip Lacquer 

6: Chupa Chup – Sugar hit! 

7: Happy Jackson Sticky notes – how cute! 

8: A huge amount of keys! 

9: Kikki K Pens and pouch (more of whats in the pouch later) 


For a look inside the pouch

1: P.K gum – for the freshen up that we all need. 

2: L’occitane hand cream – voted the worlds best hand cream.

3: Panadol – we all need it 

4: Hair ties and bobby pins for the desperate times. 

5: Sorbent wipes – sticky fingers, and messy faces. 

6: Chap Stick everyday Lip balm 

7: A few spare dollars for that desperate coffee stop 

8: Bandaids – need I say more? 


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