6 Ways to De-Stress

As the year begins to speed up the stress begins to mount. When i’m really stressed, I find it hard to remember ways to de-stress. So this post is as much for me as it is for you. 

1: Breath. Slowing your breathing can be remarkably good for lowering your anxiety levels. 

2: Exercise. It’s well known that exercise is great for lowering anxiety by releasing endorphins. 

3: Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Anything that is a stimulant is likely to increase your stress levels. 

4: Get more sleep. I often find if I haven’t slept well enough, I get unreasonably stressed and anxious. 

5: Talk to someone. Talking to someone is really helpful in nutting our stress and anxiety and putting it into perspective. 

6: Make a ‘to-do’ list: Writing out what needs to be done is great for getting perspective and lowering anxiety. 

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