13 thoughts

As I ran around the shopping centre this afternoon here were my 13 thoughts.

1: I’m running so behind. I’ve ticked off almost nothing on my ‘to-do’ list. 

2: Oh crap it’s 5pm, the shops are closed. 

3: Coles, why do you have to be so busy?! 

4: What the heck! $4 for an avocado, keep dreaming. 

5: Damn, I forgot my re-usable grocery bags. Bad environmental person Georgia!  

6: Meat, yes I need meat. Yuck, how does anyone eat chicken necks?

7: If people could just hurry up that would be much appreciated. 

8: Oh that poor Mum, that baby is loosing it big time. 

9: Self serve check out. Good idea. 

10: Self serve checkout was a terrible idea! Why do I fall into the trap every time? 

11: ‘Cash only’ – you have got to be kidding me! 

12: I know there must be some money floating around in my handbag somewhere! 

13: Buy the food and get out of here Georgia. 

Please tell me this is at least vaguely what your shopping trip has been like? once? ever? no? just me? ok. 

3 thoughts on “13 thoughts

  1. growingkindly

    LOL! I have a little one (10 month old gal), the comment about the poor mum reminded me of me at times. Though my little one is still somewhat manageable. Manageable sounds mean, scratch that! She’s a peach 🙂 a hairy peach .. oh wait now that sounds wrong too. Where was I again?

    The weekend passed & I hope you had a nice one.

    Thank you for your comment on my G/F, vegan pancakes. 🙂

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