bellabox review

I must have had a week moment when I signed up to bellabox. I never sign up to subscription boxes. But it was only $15p/m, I deserved it, I can cancel anytime I told myself. 

My bellabox came last week and surprisingly I was thrilled. It’s a mix of all sorts of samples. I told them what I like and what my skin type and hair type was. The box is beautiful which always makes it better.


I am so thankful I did sign up for it. It was the end of a big week and I had been sick. It was such a lovely little ‘pick me up.’ 


I was shocked by the contents. I had been eyeing off some of the products that were in here but had convinced myself it wouldn’t be in my first box. 


I won’t be cancelling my subscription to bellabox anytime soon. It arrived on the 24th March – right in that ‘I can’t cope with this month, it’s been to busy’ stage.  For $15 (Including shipping!) it’s a cheap little treat. 

You can order your bellabox here, Why not?  

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