10 things I wish someone told me before I started university

I wish I had someone tell me the reality of university before I started. It would have made the last 2 years much easier. Here are the top ten tips from some lovely ladies at uni. 

1: Bring your lunch. Don’t waste money on university lunch. It’s nice at the start but very soon you’ll run low on money.

2: Print. Print your unit outlines, assignments and really anything! It much harder doing everything on your computer.

3: Stay on top of it. Really, don’t leave things until the last minute. I know, it’s so hard. But sit down and do it. You won’t regret it. (Fun Fact: When I stopped the stress of leaving things to the last minute, I stopped getting sick after stressful events.) 

4: Have one place. Only write your notes in one place. Don’t write some on your computer, others in a book and others on spare pager. It makes it much harder during exam time. 

5: Invest in relationships. Uni is a great place to make friends. Invest time into those relationships. You’ll do group assignments with these people. They are just as out of their depth as you are. 

6: You can’t do everything! You can’t have a decent social life, get good marks and work enough to support yourself. Just accept it don’t try and do it all. 

7: Writing in lectures is painful. The desks are crap and there isn’t enough room when everyone is packed into the lecture theatres. Face it and embrace it. At least once you will loose your computer to the dreaded desk collapse. 

8: The commute: Public transport is painful and It’s unpredictable. Driving is expensive and good parking spots are rare. Find what works best for you. Don’t go in expecting a ‘rockstar park’ and you’ll save yourself the stress and frustration. 

9: Do not schedule tutorials back to back. Or for that matter, with long gaps. As far as you can help it, have little breaks every now and again. Back to back becomes unmanageable and long gaps mean you waste time.

10: Know the support. Most universities have heaps of support for students. Legal support, emotional support, crisis support and academic support. Know that is there and use it – It’s free – (A students favourite two words!) 

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