The Organised Life // Wardrobe

Welcome to the first in our Organisation series. Today we are tackling the wardrobe. We’d love to see what you have decluttered or organised. Just use the hashtag #S_POrganised on Instagram or Twitter and we’ll check it out! 

Here are my top 10: 

1: Excess pyjamas – We all have those P.J’s that we like but we’ll never wear. 

2: Scarves – I know, I’m a scarf hoarder too it breaks your heart. But remember, we only have one neck so we can’t wear them all! 

3: Heels that are too high. They look great but lets be real, we’ll never wear them.

4: Swimmers that have lost their elastic. For the sake of all of us, lets throw them out.

5: Itchy jumpers. Need I say more?   

6: The lone sock. If you haven’t found it in the last 2 weeks, it probably won’t show up. 

7: Coat hangers from the dry cleaner.

8: All those tote bags. We all have that collection that we’ll never use. 

9: Shoes that are falling apart. You know those cheap shoes that are breaking?

10:All the old novelty caps you have. Spots teams, fundraising caps. Keep a few and chuck the rest. 


Looking forward to see yours too. 

Spice and Petal xx 

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