The Organised Life // Bathroom

If you’re like me, the bathroom is one of those ‘don’t go there’ places. But I braved the cupboard for your sake! Here are 10 items I found that will help de-clutter your life. 

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1: Old tooth brushes that you haven’t thrown out yet.

2: The endless amounts of body lotion that you’ll never use. 

3: Samples from hotels – often their products don’t work well anyway. 

4: Hair products that you don’t use. Anti frizz, leave in conditioner etc… 

5: Old bath bombs and bath salts. How often are you really going to use them? 

6: Nail polish that is dried, cracked or old.

7: Rusty bobby pins or bun pins

8: Hair ties that have stretched so much that they are useless.

9: Doubles of all the essentials. Tweezers, nail files and nail clippers 

10: Old or mouldy toiletry bags 

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