7 Supermarket Money Saving Tips

I’ve lived out of home for over a year now. This means a year of strict budget planning and frugal living. So I feel i’ve become an expert at saving money at the supermarket. Here are some of my top tips. 

1: Look at what is on special before you go. Think about what you might eat for meals that week. 

2: Don’t go to the shops hungry. Everyone says it but it is so true. You are far more likely to spend money on things you don’t need. 

3: In Australia, typically meat and bakery items goes on sale at night. Shop accordingly. 

4: Never buy pre-packaged fruits or vegetables. Yes it’s more convenient but you pay for it. Often pre-packaged is double or more of the price of loose goods. 

5: Buying prepackaged also goes for salads, cheese platters and meats. Buying unpackaged goods or making your own is always so much cheaper. 

6: Know what you need. Don’t think ‘I’ll just look in this isle.’ If you don’t need anything from the isle, don’t go down it. 

7: And lastly, don’t ‘shop to the specials.’ The biggest trap is thinking “Oh that’s so cheap, I should buy it for later” If you have 2 washing powers at home, you don’t need another one yet. 

2 thoughts on “7 Supermarket Money Saving Tips

  1. dkmathstats

    Number 1 and 6 can be condensed to having a shopping list with self discipline.

    About number 3, an Asian Supermarket that I used to frequent in Canada often had discounted Sushi after dinner time (6 or 7PM). I am not sure if that would apply to Australia and else where. So, sometimes eating late dinner can be cheaper in that sense.

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