At times I find it difficult to find joy in the circumstances of life. Our lives now seem so messy and complicated. It seems that every day I hear news of more brokenness, sickness and grief. So often, I can’t see Gods plan for what is going on in our world. Maybe you feel this way too. 

Joy is not an emotion I often think of but the bible has a lot to say about joy. In Psalm 98 we are instructed to “make a joyful nose to the Lord” and Proverbs tells us that “the hope of the righteous brings joy.” However often as I hear of what is happening in our world I find myself in the emotions of Lamentations 5. “The joy of our hearts has ceased; our dancing has turned into mourning.” It may be that I am naturally pessimistic however, I feel this might not just be the case for me. 

I was reminded this morning of Psalm 51:12: “restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.” 

The reality is, our joy should exist independent of our circumstances. Our joy is more than what is happening in the world at any one time. Our joy is constant because Christ is constant. We are joyful because of Christ. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this means that joy comes easily. But what wonderful news that we can find joy not in our ever changing, grief stricken, sin filled world, but instead in Christ, our only stable ground when all else is sinking sand. 

Will you join me in finding joy in Christ and Christ alone? 

One thought on “joy

  1. renedith

    I now live my life with joy and actually allow my heart, not my brain, to guide me in life.

    I see the ‘darkness’ of today, differently than most and it does not drag me down anymore. Perhaps I have discovered that ‘light’ is much more powerful than ‘dark’. After all, what happens when we walk into a ‘dark’ room and turn on the ‘light’? The dark leaves. It has to! So I simply ‘shine my light’ a bit brighter to aid others in finding their own light.
    Thanx for liking my OMG-self post. ren

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