9 reasons to visit Hawaii

We slipped away to Hawaii for 10 days earlier this year. We found cheap flights with Jetstar and booked straight away. The hot days, salty air and relaxed environment was so nice!

Here are 9 reasons to visit Hawaii. 

1: You can fly direct. One flight, 9 hours from Sydney over night and you’ve arrived in paradise. 

2: Once you’re in Hawaii, Island hopping is quick and easy. Take a 30 minutes from Honolulu to Maui. 

3: It’s easy to hire a car and make you’re way around the little islands. 

4: You can drive to secluded beaches and have the beach to yourself for the whole day! 

5: Black sand and pebbled beaches. Need I say more? 


6: There are islands set up for tourist and Islands that are not. You can take your pick as to which one you’d like. 

7: You can visit a traditional Luau


8: Crystal clear water were you can snorkel to and the biggest turtles you’ve ever seen! 


9: Hawaiian sunsets- they are just so beautiful 


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