Visiting the Top End

In the middle of January we went up to the Top End. Australia is so huge and we both felt like we hadn’t seen much of it. I have always wanted to go to Kakadu and Virgin had cheap flights. So, in a rush, we booked flights and started to plan our holiday.

I still remember that awful heat as we walked out of the plane and onto the tarmac. It feels like you are in a sauna (or if you are asthmatic, like someone is sitting on your chest.)

We arrived in a heat wave – even for the Northern Territory! It was 43 degrees but we were determined to take it all in our stride.

The drive from Darwin to Kakadu is about 3 hours. There are plenty of places to stop, but you’re not meant to. Saltwater crocs are everywhere!
In Kakadu, there is really only one place to stay and that is the Mercure Crocodile Hotel.
We went in the wet season and so lots of the roads were closed. Because if this, we decided we needed to get a flight over Kakadu. I have never been more scared or felt as sick as I did on this flight but it was amazing! We would highly recommend the Scenic Flight Company.

From Kakadu (Jabiru), we drove down to Yellow water for a cruise. This is also a must. It is beautiful to be out on the water as the sun rises. The drive from Jabiru to Yellow water is about 1.5 hours.

From Yellow water we drove to Katherine stopping in at Pine Creek. Visiting the old mine lookout at Pine Creek is a must.

Katherine is hot and isolated and the Ibis Styles is as good accomodation as you will get in Katherine. But, don’t miss Katherine! Katherine gorge is one of the most amazing places I have ever been too. It’s beautifully huge and amazingly isolated.

From Katherine we drove to Litchfield National Park via Edith Falls. There are crocs everywhere at Edith so you need to be carful.

Litchfield is amazing – Even in the bucketing rain! You can’t swim in many places in the wet season but it is worth going. The waterfalls are amazing in the wet season and the termite mounds are the biggest we have ever seen!

We were in the Top End for a week. I feel like that was the perfect amount ofTop  time. 

Have you been to the Top End? What was your favourite place? 


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